Slovak language is full of insidious gramar stuff, but I will show you how to use it in the right way and people from Slovakia would not believ, that you such a good at it 😉

Differences between  „von“ and „vonku“

„Von“ and „ vonku“ are adverbs and in Slovak you can use in two different ways.


We use „ von“ :

  1. If we talk about the direction. For example (children are inside in the house and they go out, so you say): „Deti idú von“
  2. If we talk about leaving the familiar environment, for example: „Ísť pracovať niekde von do zahraničia.“
  3. If we talk about someting unconfortable happend to us :  (byť, dostať sa z niečoho von), for example. dostal sa von z dlhov; ale aj jedným uchom dnu, druhým von, vyjsť s pravdou von 

We use „ vonku“ :

  1. If we  say, that we are on the spot outside of our house, for example: „ Deti sa hrajú vonku.“
  2. If we talk about the place outside of a known environment, for exaple: „Byť služobne vonku (v zahraničí).“
  3. If we talk about that we have overcome something, for example: „Byť vonku z choroby“

When to use „napadlo mi“ and „napadlo ma“

„Napadlo mi“ means that : I tought, for example:

  • Napadlo mi, či by sme zajtra nešli do kina.
  • Teraz mi napadlo, že mám dnes ešte jedno stretnutie.

„Napadlo ma“ means that  :something /someone  attacted me, for example :

  • V parku ma napadol pes.
  • Po ceste domov ma napadol opilec.

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