Some of my students.

Foliovision Creative Director Alec Kinnear

Foliovision Creative Director Alec Kinnear

I’d been living in Bratislava on and off for five years and hadn’t made much progress in Slovak. Then I started lessons with Daniela and in two months I was speaking freely about everyday subjects. I continue to study with her but life in Bratislava is so much better once you know Slovak.

What’s great about studying with Daniela and very different from many Slovak language teachers is how much fun the lessons are. She always has a new theme. But be careful: she is very strict if you don’t have your homework done.

It is my pleasure to help people enjoy life in Bratislava more.

“Hello there.

Lessons with Daniela are relevant, useful and fun.  She introduces new vocabulary and gives plenty of practice in using it.  You also get the opportunity to practise the language you already know.  Also, learning grammar during her lessons is a passive process; practical and fun.

Learning Slovak is enjoyable.  Give it a try!”

Robert Pettit
Native Speaker Tutor, Native English jazykové centrum, Skalica.

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